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Jataka and karma sthana

Besides the 10th lord and house, the sign occupied by the 10th lord, other planets and sign or signs predominant in the chart as well as a fortified Lagna are some more factors that go to colour the occupation or vocation of the native. We give below some general guidelines on the nature of career the different signs and planets broadly indicate.

Aries: Natives born with Aries strong, farewell in careers that require enterprise, dynamism and energy. They are suited for jobs requiring exploration and courage and do well as soldiers, policemen, army workers, scientists, engineers, dentists, surgeons, mechanics and metal and mineral technologists. Since Aries rules the head, as surgeons they exhibit skill in brain surgery. Aries is the natural fighter. If Mercury and Jupiter be strongly disposed, the native emerges as a powerful writer, journalist or lawyer—fighting for a cause. Venus strong makes Aries-natives dashing executives or salesmen. Mars strong gives industrial workers, hunters, explorers and officers of law. If the Sun be strong, the native would be an industrialist, politician or owner of a timber-yard or lumber-yard. Saturn and Aries strong would give trade-unionists.

Taurus: Natives with this sign strong are practical people with dogged determination and perseverance. Since it is the second sign of the zodiac, bankers, cashiers, capitalists, financiers and money-lenders are indicated. Cosmetics, jewellery, articles of fashion come under this sign. Taurus strong natives make good advertising and publicity agents. They can be good throat specialists and singers. Venus strong would make skilled instrumentalists and the Moon would give singers. Mercury-Moon-Venus would give composers, acousticians and audition experts. Mars and the Moon refer to agriculturists.

Gemini: Natives of Gemini make good workers in all areas of communication. They fare well as language experts, interpreters, sales agents, translators, reporters, writers and researchers. If the Sun be strong, they gain excellence in engineering branches and in analytical studies of law and education. Since Mercury is the planet of trade also, they do well as auditors, accountants and similar jobs. It also gives mathematicians and writers. If Mercury is predominant, fiction writers and Jupiter strong would give drama-writers. Venus and Gemini would give poetic abilities. If Mercury and Jupiter are involved, there would be serious writing—history, biographies, essays ; Mercury, Mars and Jupiter with Gemini give proficiency in feature-writing, news-reporting and editing.

Cancer: Cancer strong in a chart indicates biology, botany, zoology, marine life, zoo-keeping, dairy-farming, bee-keeping and trade in honey, fish, etc. Such natives make good housekeepers and can therefore work as matrons, housewives, hotel superintendents and similar jobs. They also make kind nurses and gentle doctors. Since Cancer is a domestic sign, if the Moon, Venus and Mars are involved,success is likely in hotel-running, snack-bars, bakery and confectionery business, ice-cream parlours, etc. If Cancer is afflicted, then the native's vocation will be connected with wines and breweries. They make good laundrymen and sailors since Cancer is a watery sign. If Saturn, Mercury or Jupiter is involved, the native tends to be good at archaeology, history, museum work, teaching. The Moon and Jupiter would give teachers, social workers and institutional workers. The Sun and Cancer with Moon and Jupiter give philanthropists.

Leo: Leo being an utopion royal sign, Leo-strong natives fare well in jobs of authority and power. They make good executives, administrators and generally do well as the boss. They are fitted for jobs in administrative cadres and work well in the stock-exchange, investment business, jewellery and gold, circus-training, as forest officers, film and drama directors, foremen. Leo has a special propensity for the doctoring line, drugs and chemicals. The Sun and Mars predominant give political leaders and workers while the Sun and Venus give ambassadors, diplomats and foreign service jobs requiring polish and sophistication.

Virgo: Virgo natives have an eye for detail. They make good teachers, manicurists, retail shop-keepers, clerks, receptionists, secretaries, postal employees, bus drivers and conductors, book-binders, stenographers, interpreters, translators, librarians, radio and television announcers, paper dealers, handwriting and fingerprint experts, notaries public, computer operators, writers, editors, reporters, psychologists and psychiatrists, healers, doctors, explorers, detectives. They do well in jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency. Mercury and Virgo give book-keepers, statisticians, cashiers, bank-clerks. Saturn related to Virgo indicates typists, museum-curators and book-keepers while the Sun has to do with auditors, tax-officers and chartered accountants. Venus governs filing-clerks, sales girls or salesmen and librarians.

Libra: Libra being the sign of the balance, natives with this sign strong make good management consultants, lawyers, judges, solicitors, logicians and officers of the law, diplomats and public relations officers. Since it is ruled by Venus, it gives singers, actors, beauticians, haber-dashers, fashion-models, interior decorators and furniture-makers, perfume manufacturers, social workers, photographers, tea-shop and coffee-bar owners, snack and restaurant keepers and all similar trades Venus powerful with Rahu and the Moon would give artists, sculptors, cinema artistes and models. If Libra and Saturn and Venus figure in strength cartoonists, cameramen, tailors, dress-designers and make-up assistants would be the result. Mars, Rahu, Venus make the native work in cabaret shows, gambling casinos and similar haunts of sin and pleasure.

Scorpio: Being a mystic sign, Scorpio produces mystics, philosophers, astrologers and occultists. Being secretive, detectives and clever criminals also come under this sign. Nurses, chemists, doctors, explorers, geographers, barbers, dentists, mechanics, men of the armed and police-forces, navigators, coffin-makers, undertakers, life-insurance agents and business and embalmers come under this sign. If Mars is strong, then railway and tram workers, police and army personnel, home guards, telephone operators and telegraphists are indicated. The Moon and Scorpio would give pearl-divers, dealers in sea-foods, corals, poisons, drugs and chemicals. The Sun strong would indicate an executive job in these callings.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives are bold and practical. They do well in sports, horse-training, as jockeys, stewards, preachers, freedom fighters, advocates for any cause, organisers, financiers, gamblers, leather-dealers and experts, shoe and footwear makers or dealers. Jupiter and Mercury strong would give rise to teachers, religious reformers, theologians. Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter would indicate lawyers, judges, magistrates and philosophers.

Capricorn: This sign makes the native hard-working and able. Agriculture, mining, forest products, farming, horticulture, mineralogy and geology, suit such natives well. They have great organising capacities and make good conveners and secretaries. Executive and political posts requiring patience and plodding on come ur.der Capricorn. Saturn strong makes for bankers, merchants and agriculturists. Mars makes mineralogists, geologists and forest officers.

Aquarius: Natives with Aquarius strong in the chart are usually advisers of some sort technical, legal, social or just friendly. All innovative and unusual callings come under this sign. Workers in electricity, atomic power, computer technology, automobile and aeroplane mechanics and television technology come under Aquarius. Such natives are ingenious and becomes inventors if Mercury is strong. They make good astrologers, telepathists and hypnotists. Neurologists, X-ray workers and dealers in medical appliance come under this sign. They can also succeed in nature-cure therapy. Saturn strong makes engineers and scientists. Aquarius strong produces great philosophers also.

Pisces: Doctors, surgeons, nurses, monks, jailors and prison-workers, sanatorium workers, convent-runners come under this sign. Work requiring imagination suits such natives. Film-making, script-writing, composing, choreography, social work, work in orphanages, museum, library, club and similar bodies and group activity comes easily to natives with strong Pisces. They make good musicians, inspired poets and occult writers, travel agents, petrol and oil-dealers, sea-produce dealers, owners of amusement centres, anaesthetists, coast guards, private investigators and spirit mediums. Venus strong produces painters and actors.