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சனி பெயர்ச்சி பலன்கள் 2020

Gochara/Transit results of saturn/shani 2020

The Mega planet saturn, as per Indian Nirayana Astrological System, transits from Dhanush(sagittarius) to Makara (capricorn). The transit means change from one zodiacal sign to other and this transit is expected to change the results of this planet. For different moon sign people, the effect of this transit will vary.

Before going into the effects for various moon sign / janma rashi we will give some brief introduction about saturn, its charecteristics as per Indian mythological and astrological system.

Saturn rules Makara (capricorn) and Kumbha (Aquarius) signs. He sign of exaltation is Thula (libra) and sign of debilitation is Mesha (Aries). He is of black colour. Lords over western direction and saturday and represents servitude and servants. Out of five elements he is Air. Seasame is its seed, blue sapphire is its gemstone, iron is its metal, he is shudra, gothra is kashyapa and he is short. He has vata nadi and tamasic in nature (Guna). His friends are budha (mercury) and shukra (Venus), Guru (Jupiter) is neutral to him and surya (sun), chandra (Moon) and Kuja (Mars) are his enemies. Asthma, Cancer, TB, insanity, Theumatism and tooth diseases are likely caused by saturn.

It is feared that saturn's aspect will destroy ones life. In indian mythology there are many stories of how saturns seven and half period disturbed the lives of even the kings like Nala and Harischandra etc. Not even lord ganesha spared from saturns wrath. Saturn, by giving misery and hardship teaches righteousness and dharma. He is a karmic planet and whoever sows bad seeds should reap it.

Now we will see the effect of transit of saturn for various rashis and nakshatras.

Saturn enters the Makara rashi (capricorn) on 24th January, 2020 at 8:25 AM, as per Nirayana or Sideral zodiacal System. (Fixed zodical system). Capricorn and Aquarius are the own sign of saturn. Saturn stays in utharada (sun's nakshatra) nakshatra until 22/01/2021 and enters Thiruvona (Shravana) ruled by chandra/Moon. It enters Avitta (Dhanista) nakshatra ruled by Mars on 18/02/2022 and finally enters kumbha (Aquarius) on 30/04/2022 completing his 887 days of transit over Makara rashi. He become retrograde on two occassions. On 12/05/2020 he become retrograde until 29/09/2020 when he become direct. Also on 24/05/2021 he become retrograde until 10/10/2021. Now we will discuss effects of this transit for various Rashis.

Mesha Rashi (Aries)

For those born in Mesha moon sign and nakshatras of Ashwini, Bharani and Kritika 1st pada saturn transit the 10th sign from janma rashi. Saturn aspects 12th, 4th and 7th bhava. In the tenth saturn gives adverse effect with regard to profession and job. Unwanted transfers and other conflicts with superiors are expected. Separation from house, less income for more work, fear of government, fruitless work are the effects. During the period it is better avoid buying land and property, separation from spouse is expected, expenses or loss due to professional activity and job.

Those born in Ashwini be very careful in health and while travelling until 22/01/2021 while saturn transits its enemys nakshatra which is also 21 from janma. During the entire course of its transit through Capricorn saturn tansits only its enemy nakshatras sun, moon and mars respectively. but one good thing is saturn is in own sign. Transiting suns naksahtra gives strained relation with father, government etc., Transiting Moons nakshatra give trouble while travelling, mental imbalance.

Transiting Mars's dhanista will give accidents, trouble from fire, blood infections, surgery, trouble with siblings etc.

Rishaba Rashi (Taurus)

For those born in rishaba moon sign and Kritikka 2,3,4 padas, rohini, and Mrigashira 1,2 pada saturn transits 9th house from janma rashi. Trouble to father, conflict with father, may be karma to father or close relative means death like situation to father. Problems in pilgirmages, conflicts in relgious activities. Saturns aspect on 11th gives difficulty getting expected profits, its 3rd aspect gives conflict with brothers, difficult in communication. Those in press, news, and publishing media may face problems. Aspect on 6th gives illness related to lungs, arthiritis etc., Avoid borrowing new loans, careful about enemies.

Mithuna Rashi (Gemini)

For those born in Mithuna rashi, Mrigashira 3,4 pada, Thiruvathida (Ardra), punrapoosa saturn transits 8th house or Ashtama rashi. Health will be affected. Stomach related ailments,fear of life, discord with spouse, eye disese, spoil of goodfaith due to women, slavery, poverty, hardwork for living, litigation and other legal issues and loss of money, danger to life, fear of imprisionment, wrath of government are results expected to happen. Conflict with superiors in workplace, discord with family members and illness to chilren may happen.

Kadaka rashi (Cancer)

For those born in Kadaka, punarpoosam 4th pada, Pushya and Ashlesha (Ayilya) saturn transits 7th house from rashi. Fruitless journeys, unsuccessful travels, transfers, loss of friends, loss to cattle and agriculture, expenditure and loss due to travels, change of residence, danger and disease to spouse, spoiled health, will not be satisfied in anything are the results of this transit. Not good for father, health and loss to property and vehicles.

Shimma rashi (Leo)

For those born in leo, Maham, pooram, uthiram-1 pada saturn tranits 6th house from rashi. You are fortunate to have this transit which is good in all aspects. You will get those expected income and wealth in time. Enemies will be defeated, those delayed promotion in job, success in political elections, rewards and awards to those meritorious service, those in police and armed forces will be succssfull and appreciated by superiors. Will easily get bank loans and other borrowings. Also will repay long pending debts. Will enjoy good food, company of good friends, government favors are the good effects of this transit. Litigation, loss of prestige, disease of private parts, head, loss due to hospitalisation, mother.

Kanya rashi (virgo)

For those born in Kanya, Uthiram 2,3,4 pada, Hastham and Chittira 1,2 pada saturn tanits the 5th house from rashi. Sepraration from children. mental peace will be spoiled, spiritual pursuits will not be successful. speculative business like share trading ,gambling and lottery should be avaoided. extra marital relationship and loss due to women, poverty, penniless situation, danger of accidents and other ill results are indicated. Discord with spouse and business partner, not getting expected income, discord with friends, sleeplessness.

Thula rashi (Libra)

For those born in thula, Vishaka 1,2,3,swathi and chitra 3,4 pada saturn transits 4th house from rashi. This position is called arthashtama or half of effect of ashtama shani. Also called kandaka shani. Fear of government, loss of cattle and agriculture, loss of money, expulsion from home and loss of property, sepration from spouse, physical illness like stroke and other ailments, arthiritis and limb ailments, loss of prestige, fearful existence, failure in education and examinations. Trouble from enemies, litigation and diseases.

Vrichika rashi (scorpio)

For those born in vrischika, vishaka 4, anusha and kettai (jyesta) saturn transits their 3rd house from janma rashi. Kudumba shani and seven and half sade sati are over and saturn will give all favorable results during this period. For those fallen ill will get their disease cured. Will get success in all undertakings, will get promotions in job. Those searching for job will get good jobs, will becom head of village or other political gains, good servants, vicotry over enemies, aquisition of vehicles, income from mines minerals and metals, aquisition of house and property, growth and aquisition of cattle and agriculture and other good results will prevail.

Dhanush rashi (Sagittarius)

For those people born in Dhanush, Moolam, pooradam, uthiradam-1 pada naksahtras saturn transits their 2nd house from Janma rashi. They are having last 2.5 years of seven and half saturn sade sati. loss of money and poverty will prevail. family member may fall ill. Servants will leave. May be sepraration from home and possibley separation from wife and second marriage are possible. Unwanted transfer, enemity with relatives and danger to life are expected.

Makara rashi (Capricorn)

For people born in Makara, Uthiradam 2,3,4 pada, Thiruvona (shravana), Avittam (dhanista) 1,2 pada saturn transit their janma rashi and this is their second 2.5 years of seven and half sade sati period of saturn. Janma shani gives all ill effects such as danger to life, diseases, loss of money, fear of prison, danger due to water, food posioning, fire accidents are the results of this transit. Death of near and dear, separation of friends and relatives, danger from weapons, hardwork and exhaustion are indicated. Janma shani is life threatening and results in death if malefic vimshottari dasa / marak dasa is running to the native.

Kumbha rashi (Aquarius)

For people born in kumbha rashi, avittam 3,4 pada, satabisha (Sathayam) and pooratadhi 1,2,3 pada Saturn transits their 12th house from janma rashi and seven and half period of sade sati just starts for you. Saturn tansits your house of expenses. expenses of all kind, fruitless unwanted travels to long distance, loss in business, danger to life, separation from family are the results. Since 7.5 year period of saturn starts for you, you shoul be careful in health, finance and other aspects. You should curtail your spending to avoid becoming a loser.

Meena rashi (Pisces)

For people born in Meena rashi, pooratathi 4th pada, uthiratathi and revathi stars saturn transits your 11th house from janma rashi. A very good period starts. Those delayed promotions, pending bills, birth of girl child, aquisition of new friends, profit from all undertakings, domestic happiness, sexual happiness and satisfaction are the good results expected from this transit. Students will be successful in examinations and competitive exams, farmers will get good reaping and profit from cultivation.servants will get rewarded from their employer.